Winter 2018 – 21st Century Learning


Winter 2018 Special Issue:
“21st Century Learning & Multicultural Education”
Guest-edited by Malia M. Hoffmann & A. Y. “Fred” Ramirez.
Articles include:
“Leveraging 21st Century Learning & Technology to Create Caring Diverse Classroom Cultures” by Tanya Tarbutton.
“Standards-Based Technology Integration for Emergent Bilinguals” by Briana Ronan.
“Social Media & English Learners’ Academic Literacy Development” by Dong-shin Shin.
“Literature Circles 2.0: Updating a Classic Strategy for the 21st Centuty” by Luis Javier Pentón Herrera & Tabitha Kidwell.
“Student Attiudes Toward Teacher Use of Technology in Classrooms” by Malia M. Hoffmann & A. Y. “Fred” Ramirez.
And Much More.